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4/92 Wallis Street, Raglan, Waikato 3225

022 475 1141

Clarissa Machado

Clarissa Machado, ceramic bowl, 2023
Clarissa Machado, creator of Axe Ceramics, is a Brazilian ceramist, printmaker, photographer and Art Teacher with a Degree in Visual Arts. Her pottery often highlights Brazilian indigenous cultures and Brazil’s native fauna and flora.
Clarissa Machado, earrings

Clarissa’s ceramic pieces go through a slow creation process that starts with the study of shapes and patterns, its meanings and connections with her home country and develop into an unhurried and deliberate art practice inspired by traditional Japanese pottery.

Brasil – large carved white plate

This piece is based on the oversized indigenous sieves from Brazil and their woven patterns. The pattern shows the inevitable connections between what we give to Earth and what we harvest.

This carving technique have been widely used in Brazilian Marajoara pottery for millennia.

Solo Series – rectangular terracota and white plate, mangrove vase, and terracota and white earrings:

These show reverence to the soil, to what grounds us, to our land. 

The Brazilian word Axé that gives the name to Axe Ceramics means the power that exists within every being and object. And it’s also the translation to the artist’s surname, which means axe in English.