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4/92 Wallis Street, Raglan, Waikato 3225

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Renata Nemeth

Whangamata Beach

Renata Nemeth is a visual artist who lives and works in Waikato, New Zealand. Her love for art and creativity started when she was young and has only grown stronger over the years.

Tahunanui Beach, Nelson

Breeze of Fresh Beginnings, Taupo

Throughout her studies, Renata has become particularly passionate about mixing colours. What really inspires her is the natural world around us and she loves exploring that in her artwork.

Renata’s goal as an artist is to create a sense of calm and peace through her art. She wants to help people connect with the world around them and find beauty in even the smallest things.

For my textured mixed-media artworks, I use real sand with a clear acrylic medium wich allows me to work with a cohesive, almost malt-like mixture. I apply that onto the surface of my painting to shape the beach areas. After drying it turns into a hard and sturdy surface.

When I’ve finished the painting of the rest of the artwork I go back to the sandy part with very diluted paint to tone the sand. It gives more detail, deepness and helps with the transition between the two different materials. Following final drying I close the surface with an additional clear medium for extra protection.

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4/92 Wallis Street, Raglan, Waikato 3225

022 475 1141