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Contemporary Fine Art at the Wharf Art Gallery, Raglan 2024

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Discover the vibrant world of contemporary fine art at the Wharf Art Gallery in Raglan Whaingaroa. Immerse yourself in an eclectic collection of artworks that captivate the imagination. From the expressive mixed media of Lyndy Wilson to the thought-provoking sculptures by Jeff Thomson, our gallery showcases a diverse range of contemporary artistic talent. Click on an image to explore the artist’s vision or navigate through our Artist Pages drop-down menu.

Contemporary art is produced and created by artists living and working in the present era, responding to constant evolution and encompassing a wide range of styles, techniques and forms. It is often characterized by its departure from traditional artistic conventions and a willingness to experiment with new materials, ideas, and concepts. Many contemporary artworks are conceptually driven, emphasizing ideas and concepts alongside traditional artistic skills.